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Jack’s faithful dog Zero gathered more than 200 bones to use as décor, garland and presents.

Jack’s faithful dog Zero gathered more than 200 bones to use as décor, garland and presents.

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For who could ever learn to love a beast?

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Where would we walk? Where would we run? If we could stay all day in the sun? Just you and me, and I could be part of your world.

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During For The First Time In Forever, it is Anna’s voice that’s more audible when Elsa is more silent. The song revolves around Anna’s feelings and it shows more that summer-y, fun feeling of her. When in For the First Time in Forever Reprise the song revolves around Elsa’s feelings and her voice louder and it’s also snowing.

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Turn away and slam the door!

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[DELETED SCENE] Hiccup vs. Eret

Oh wow, some of my old boards! 

From this clip (which also includes storyboards from Tom Owens, the head of story, and Tron Mai)

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                                   I miss you, brother

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Today my Roommie and I went to Magic Kingdom to watch Dream Along with Mickey cause she wanted to see some friends dance in it. Well the first show we tried to see didn’t go so well… “rain” but she was texting one of the dancers and they told us to get our butts over to the Sword in the Stone stage… and this is what we got to see instead of DAWM







Snow White, Snow Prince and Phillip came out and did a sword show instead!  it was an awesome Magical Moment!

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Now, father, you’re living in the past. This is the 14th century!

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ref grabs. I guess her sugar coating is her “skin,” she has a nose and everything just painted over unlike the actual skeleton characters. 

La Muerte from The Book Of Life

La Muerte (the character) is based on the Mexican Catrinas used during the Day of the Dead, and many women who dress up as the Catrina draw the nose holes on their noses like that to emulate the skull through make-up along with the colorful markings. The sugar coating on the “skin” is to show that La Muerte is made of candy, which emulates the candy skulls that are made for the festival of the Day of the Dead, and the candy skulls have those colorful markings on them as well. It’s also cool to notice the Cempasúchil flowers on her dress and hat, which are always present during the festival.

These are some of the reasons as to why I have mad respect for the details that are being given to these characters <3

Reblogging for the info, that’s pretty rad. 

as a mexican i can say that all the details are amazing and all the references in the movie are just perfect.

may i also include that the little heart on her forehead is the Sacred Heart, representing the religion (christian) in the country teached by the spaniards which is really important in the mexican culture.

there are more details in the rest of the characters and in the movie itself. i suggest for non-mexican people to do lots of research before watching the movie to catch more little details in it, specially information of the Day of the Dead.

learned a thing

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